Does Safaricom Record Calls?

The most asked question all over the world is whether the privacy of subscribers is guaranteed whenever they make calls using their phones.

The controversy surrounding the need to have evidence for criminal cases whenever phones are used continues to raise the debate on the privacy of phone users all over the world.

Safaricom is a Kenyan company that is not immune to similar worries by some of its subscribers

Do Cell Phone Companies Record Conversations?

Before dwelling on Safaricom it will be prudent to assess the global practice of telecom companies all over the world.

So, are mobile phone calls recorded?

Yes, it is a normal practice that companies all over the world record mobile phone calls for future reference and accountability.

Does Safaricom Record Phone Calls?

Yes, Safaricom, just like any other telecom company in the world, records phone call conversations between two individual customers, between an individual customer and a corporate customer, between you and one of their agents, or between an individual customer and a government agency such as police hotlines.

Safaricom Selfcare Call History

Safaricom soft-core is a portal on their website (or through a SIM Toolkit menu) that ensures you can access some of the Safaricom services without having to deal with a customer care agent.

For example, those who wish to do so through the website may visit the link: Safaricom SelfCare

Safaricom Call-log Statement

Can I get my call history from Safaricom? Yes, you can always access your Safaricom call log/history data from Safaricom.

However, you should note that such data may not be provided without proper legal documents. This is done to avoid misuse by some customers or rogue Safaricom staff.

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